Plumbers Tools

Plumbing is a vital trade in the construction industry, and plumbers require a specific set of tools to perform their work. These tools range from basic hand tools to specialized equipment designed for specific tasks.

One of the most essential tools for plumbers is a pipe wrench. This tool is used to tighten and loosen pipe fittings and is available in a range of sizes to fit different pipe diameters. Another key tool is the basin wrench, which is used to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts that are difficult to reach with other tools.

Cutting tools are also important for plumbers, with a variety of saws and cutters available for different materials. Pipe cutters are used to cut pipes cleanly and precisely, while hacksaws are useful for cutting through metal pipes. For larger pipes, reciprocating saws are often used.

Plumbers also need a range of specialized tools for specific tasks. For example, a flaring tool is used to create a flare at the end of a copper pipe, while a deburring tool is used to remove burrs and sharp edges from the cut end of a pipe. A pipe bender is used to create bends and curves in pipes, while a drain snake is used to clear clogs from drains and pipes.

Other useful tools for plumbers include pliers, adjustable wrenches, and Teflon tape, which is used to seal pipe threads. Safety equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses, and hard hats, is also essential to protect plumbers from injury.

In summary, plumbers require a range of specialized tools to perform their work. These tools range from basic hand tools to specialized equipment designed for specific tasks, and choosing the right tools for the job is essential for completing plumbing projects safely and efficiently.See more product details

iCrimp Angle Head


iCrimp Angle Head F1807 PEX Pipe Crimping Tool for Copper Rings – 1/2&3/4-inch Two Crimper Set with Cutter

About this item

  • Meet ATSM F1807
  • With high quality made from tool steel,come with free GO NO GO Gauge
  • Simply pull back on the handles to open the jaws and crimp away
  • Fantastic Head design help you reach into tight connection and make the pipe installation easier.
  • Perfect polishing ensure no damage for copper ring

RIDGID 40617 Model 101 Close Quarters Tubing Cutter with 1/4″-1-1/8″ Cutting Capacity, Silver

CLOSE QUARTERS TUBING CUTTER: Specially designed for use in tight spaces and on small diameter metal surfaces, a must-have in any plumber’s tool kit WORKS WITH VARIOUS METALS: Features 1/4″ to 1-1/8″ cutting capacity and is suitable for use with hard and soft copper, aluminum, brass, and plastic, offering more versatility KNURLED FEED SCREW KNOB: Gives easy control of cutting pressure for clean cuts, offering convenient use STURDY DESIGN: Includes a strong yet lightweight slide and wheel housing for long-lasting durability, the cutter is made from durable and high-grade steel SPARE CUTTER WHEEL: Helps you get more out of this tool and ensures maximum uptime, so you’re always prepared with the tools you need


MCJ Tools TCT Hole Saw Set of 8 Plumbers Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Cutter Set with Titanium-Plated Pilot Drill bit for Metal, Stainless Steel, Iron, Wood, and Plastic Sizes 3/4″,7/8″,1″,1-1/8″,1-3/8″,1-1/2″,2″,2-1/2″

About this item

  • Industrial grade high-quality T.C.T. Carbide ( Tungsten Carbide Tipped Cutters), High-grade Titanium-plated cemented carbide Tooth, ensuring its high hardness, rust-proof, sturdy, and durability
  • Tungsten carbide tipped hole cutters are ideal for drilling steel plate, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, cast iron, fiberglass, and plastic
  • Manufactured with premium high-grade solid carbide tips for added strength and durability. Tipped teeth for extra lifespan with tip: up to 1/4″ cutting depth for stainless steel with a hand drill, 1″ depth with a drill press
  • Designed for use in a chuck – can be used with drill press or a hand drill
  • Included sizes: 3/4″,7/8″,1″,1-1/8″,1-3/8″,1-1/2″,2″,2-1/2″ Set comes with customized casse for portability and designated slots to keep everything in place

$35.99 THINKPRO 1.5″ Tub Drain Removal Tool,6Pcs Tub Drain Extractor,Remove the Old, Broken, Stubborn, Rusted Drain Tub Bathtub Stopper,Strong Grab Plumbing Tools with Solid Storage Case
-43% $22.99 Water Meter Key Wrench 17 Inch – Includes 4-Way Utility Tool and Plumbers Tape – Contractor Grade Curb Valve Tool for Main Shut Off
$64.99 iCrimp Pex Pipe Crimping Tool kit for 3/8,1/2,3/4,1-inch Copper Ring with Free Gauge&Pex Pipe Cutter -Meet ASTM F1807 and Portable


YWHWLX 10 Inch Adjustable Wrench

YWHWLX 10 Inch Adjustable Wrench, 5 In 1 Torque Wrench Ratchet Wrench 180 Degree Folding Spanner Manual Tool for Plumbing Auto Repair Home Maintenance

About this item

  • ➤ 3 in 1 Wrench Size: Unique handle adopts a retractable design, which can be easily transformed into a 10-inch, 11-inch and 12-inch wrench, providing you with more options.
  • ➤ 180° Head Adjustable: Allows the head to rotate up to 180° to access hard-to-reach fasteners.
  • ➤ Dual Purpose Wrench Tool: Ratchet design to tighten the screws more labor-saving. Ratcheting On/Off switch allows the wrench to be used as a ratchet wrench also be a traditional wrench.
  • ➤ Premium Quality: Forged Cr-V chrome vanadium steel is strong and durable.This wrench tool can be used in auto repair, home repair, construction and other industries, and it is also popular among DIY design enthusiasts.
  • ➤ Widely used: Adjustable wrench fits Approx 1.77″/45mm Jaw opening with precision machined Jaws and knurled adjustment worm, accepts a wide range of fastener sizes, perfect for home appliance maintenance and repair.

$9.99 ($0.67 / Foot)

CLAVICHORD Seal Self Fusing Silicone Tape – 1 Inch Wide and 15 Feet Long Weatherproof Self Fusing Silicone Sealing Tape for Emergency Pipeline Repair/Cable Bandage/Tool Fixing(Black)

About this item
✅Black silicone tape,1 inch wide and 15 feet long, weather resistant/high temperature resistant/chemical resistant self fusing tape, stronger than other silicone tapes;
✅Insulation silicone tape, can provide insulation protection of high voltage cable and wire, single layer up to 8000v protect wires against harsh conditions and salt water;
✅Waterproof silicone tape, this silicone tape can be used for the sealing and leaking stoppage of water pipe, pipeline due to it is waterproof
✅High conformable soft silicone tape, suitable for irregular surfaces, ideal for hose repair for house-hold appliances
✅Non-adhesive silicone tape, the tape itself is not sticky, you just need to wrap it and overlap it, after applying pressure, the tape will melt by itself-which means that it does not need any messy adhesives that may leave any sticky residues.

L.H. Dottie CU25 Copper Plumber Tape, 3/4-Inch Width by 25-Feet Length

About this item
Solid copper
Plumber tape is 3/4-inch wide and is perforated with alternating size holes to accommodate nails or bolts
It is used to strap or support pipe, ducts and other fastening applications
Copper strap also used for grounding
1.48 lb. weight

CARBO Instruments 2- 1/2″ Pressure Gauge,Water Pressure Test Gauge, 3/4″ Female Hose Thread, 0-200 PSI with Red Pointer

Best Sellers in Industrial Pressure Gauges
About this item
EASY TO Read 2- 1/2″ Pressure Gauge , Brass Connection – Lower Mount
Red Pointer with Brass Nob
Dual Scale: psi / bar with kPa guidance
Burdong tube type, Brass and Copper Alloy Wetted Parts
3/4” female hose thread adapter quickly attaches to outside faucet or hose
Best Sellers in Industrial Pressure Gauges

Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit,600bar /8700psi / 60mpa 5 Gauges 13 Test Couplings 14 Tee Connectors 5 Test Hoses, Hydraulic Gauge Kit Sturdy Carrying Case for Excavator Construction Machinery Ships Mine


Accurate Reading Gauges–Five pressure gauges provide five measurement ranges: 0-10bar/150psi, 0-100bar/1500psi, 0-250bar/3500psi, 0-400bar/6000psi, 0-600bar/9000psi. The clear and precise scale ensures accurate pressure measurement, with two units on the scale, which is efficient and convenient. Maximum working pressure: 600bar / 9000psi / 60mpa. Sturdy & Durable Gauge & Portable Carrying Case: The hydraulic gauges adopt a 304 stainless steel shell and copper screw joint, making the gauge sturdy and durable for long service life. High purity glycerin filled in the gauge; effectively reduces the affection of vibration and pulsation.Portable Carrying Case saves storage space and the carry handle on the case makes it easy to carry. Take it with you; don’t miss a step while completing the test. Long Test Hose–The test hose is made of nylon (inner), aramid (middle) and polyurethane (outer) to withstand high pressure. Plus, the 5.25ft/1.6m long hose lets you work over long distances. Applicable to– pressure gauge kits are suitable for various types of excavators and machinery; widely used in construction, machinery, ships, mining and other industries; Package Includes–Accurate Hydraulic Test Gauge Kit Included, 5 Gauge, 5 Test Hoses, 13 Fittings, and 14 Tee Fittings, Carrying Case Packed.